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Survey Says....!
Posted on Jun 13th, 2021

Well, the survey results are in, and "underwhelming" is an "understatement".  Asked whether the 158 property HOA membership would be willing to hold the annual general meeting in virtual format (e.g. via Zoom), given that meeting in person has been problematic lately, the association received exactly one response.  And THAT response was... wait for it... "I don't really care either way".
"You couldn't contrive a better representation of homeowner apathy" said one Oaktree resident.
Asked whether the board of directors were disappointed, one board member replied "I didn't know we had survey feature on our new website, I'll have to check that out."
The association is considering scrapping plans for future surveys on important topics such as whether to replace the bocce ball court with a tractor pull track.
Comment By: Delman Sessions
Posted on Jun 18, 2021

Oaktree Park homeowner apathy is nothing new--we could not even call an annual meeting to order during the 70's/80's unless we had a quorum of homeowners present or represented by their signed proxies. If we were close to the "magic number", several people would volunteer to rush out and knock on doors begging for proxies.

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